Monday, October 26, 2009

Ow ow ow

That tournament was rough. Apparently 5th edition is all about stupid objective claiming missions.

So how did I do? Dead last. Why? Short answer: mostly because I'm stubborn. I should have just let them take the easier win, but I like fighting until the last (which you get penalized for now) which let my opponents get extra points.

Also, there are just a mess of crazy new rules that I haven't encountered before.

Game 1: Enclave vs Dark Angels. The DA have got some crazy rules about what they can do. Apparently bikers and terminators are allowed to shoot, then move, then assault all in one turn. That wiped out all of my troops in turn one. I took out the bike squad with an orbital bombardment as a revenge act. I did my fair share of damage, but ultimately the loss of those troops lost the game for me right then and there. Make sure you split up your troops people. Hide them behind vehicles.

Game 2: Enclave vs Chaos marines. I think they were a Khorne army. Seize objectives, bodyguard. I'm going to have to look up the entry for the guy riding on the juggernaut.. 15 attacks a turn? That one model got about 30 kills. Basically, he outplayed me just by using his elites to keep me boxed in while his troops hid behind cover the entire game. Obliterators, while slow, are great to take down transports.

Game 3: Enclave vs Chaos Daemons. Never played against daemons before. The first half of the game was a rout for them. My shotgun scouts pretty much wiped out a squad of bloodletters, my troops took care of some more. Then the skull taker, bloodthirster, Epidemus, and Nurgle squad of confusing rules popped out onto the field. That Nurgle squad apparently gets stronger when ANYTHING dies, so at the end, they were pretty much autokilling my marines. At the end, all I had was 2 rhinos left. One was immobile. Not pretty.

Game 4: Enclave vs Dark Eldar. Holy crap. As far as epic battles go, this is the one I thought I had prepared for. Eight vehicles. Some, perhaps most of them, were Ravagers. The problem is, they all looked the damned same to me. Would it be so hard to paint a stylized red R on there somewhere for clarity? Anyway. Immobilized most of his fleet, and a scout missile launcher/Telion combo took one of the vehicles out with a single shot. Rolled to see if the game would last for a 6th turn, but it was clear that he was going to just steamroll me with those Ravager guns. In all fairness, this should have been the fun battle. But the guy had zero personality, and no fun. Which is sad to me. At the end of the day, this IS supposed to be a game. Games are designed to have fun. Everyone else, I had at least a bit of a laugh with, but that guy..

Anywho, learned most of the new rules, got my ass handed to me each time (mostly my fault though) and I realized three things about 5th edition:

1. Troops are thy god. Imperial Guard, now is your time to clean house.
2. Antitank weapons are needed. Like a bunch. My autocannons and lazcannons are good, but not enough.
3. Most armies have some unit that gets just retarded attacks. See turns 1-3 above. Space Marines get the shaft for this. We have a couple of semi-decent things, but nothing just straight up destructive. I'm going to have to look through the codex for anything I missed the next time I'm going to play a game.

.. I'm also going to look into getting a bike squad made. With flamers. Cause that one I can duplicate for my army.


  1. Jeez, mate - that's a hell of a learnign curve!

  2. Yeah, it was brutal. But now my Enclave is getting a facelift and a major rearrangement. They'll be better for their losses.