Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tournament in 7 days?!

Okay, so, slight variation from the usual around here, I was given a flier earlier for a 40k tournament on the 24th. Assuming I can make it, I have to wonder what to bring, and to that end, I thought I'd ask you.

Should I bring..

My Ultramarines. Essentially the only finished army, but also the worst painted, and most outdated, who haven't been used since 3rd edition?

My Lamenters. Incomplete but getting close, 4th edition army, who have roughly no anti armour capabilities and need some work to get two vehicles done in time.

The Enclave. 30 assault marines, 20 scouts, an incomplete leader and two incomplete vehicles I'd have to rush to try and finish.

The Imperial Guard. Almost no chance of getting them done on time, no vehicles done at all, most troops not even done (aka insane challenge time)

Voting will happen until the 23rd, but vote quickly please.

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