Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interesting wrench in the works

So, I was out shopping the other day, and I happened upon some neat little discoveries.

Did you know that Hot Wheels makes motorcycles now? I didn't. Granted, I haven't kept up with them since I was like.. 4 or 5. But the point is. They make motorcycles. In the scale of warhammer. For next to nothing. I got a chopperesque one, which I think would look awesome for Chaos, and a 3 wheeled cycle (think the Halo 3 atv, but with just one big back wheel) that will be going to my Ultramarines most likely.

I also stumbled upon my most hated of all army vehicles; the Hummer, while looking for some vehicles for the Spectrum army. So, why did I bring home five of them? The price. I don't have a ton of money. Sucks, but it's true. And at three dollars each, I figured 'Hey, five Chimera standins for less than one actual Chimera.' I hate the vehicle, but unlike the Chimera, you could fit at least eight models in the thing. I'm going to give them a nice makeover. You know, make them actually look like a military vehicle. They'll all have the following stats: Hull mounted heavy bolter, turret mounted heavy bolter, pintle mounted heavy stubber, smoke launcher, extra armour.

"So why do you hate the Hummer so much?"
Because, they made a crappy suv that's supposed to look tough (it really isn't.) to replace tanks (no chance of that in the long run) it has crap for armour, can't equip heavy weapons, looks ugly, etc. I get it. It's supposed to be a workhorse. It's supposed to be fast and adaptable. It's still crap though. Give me the m113 and m163. The m113 was the Rhino and Chimera's inspiration. It worked damned well. It wasn't broke. It didn't need fixing. It certainly didn't need to be abandoned by the military. Especially not for a soccer mom's overcompensation device.

"So why'd you get five?"
The Spectrum army in the show had awesome tanks for nearly everyone. The catch is, for an Imperial guard army, I'd need no less than about twenty by the time my army is on it's feet. Five hummers will give about 2/3rds of my army some mobility (I'd have gotten more if there were any more left..) If I had gotten GW Chimeras, the minimum I would have spent would be roughly $1650 for the full army to be transported around in. That is a lot of money to me at the moment. My 5 Chimera standins set me back only about 15$. Pretty clear why I chose them yeah? Plus, my IG will be saving the Imperium. Miami style.

Oh yeaaaaaaaah! *puts on sunglasses*

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  1. I should clarify that slightly.

    The 1650$ would be the cost of 30 Chimeras, before tax. It'd be almost 2000$ for them after tax.

    The 15$ is how much I paid for five Hummers. If I got 30, it would have only set me back maybe a hundred dollars. Quite a difference, no?