Sunday, August 22, 2010

Went shopping (reinforcements inbound)

The next update I bring you will have pictures. This one is just a bunch of blahblahwordstuff.

So, I went out to my not-at-all local gaming store yesterday and got the Cadian battlebox to expand my army. I honestly thought there was more stuff in it. I mean, don't get me wrong, the stuff in it is cool, but not enough to make a playable army with.. Well, maybe if you really really lowballed things..

Anyway. Also picked up a Chimera. Didn't know they raised the price.. Should have picked up some back when they were only 35$ instead of the 42$ they are now. Yeah, I know, seven dollars shouldn't break the bank, but ideally I'll have somewhere in the region of 15 of them eventually. Hoping to make this a mechanized guard army, after all.

So far, my Blue Shields are getting all the love. The Sentinel, which will be the focus of the next update was for them, the Chimera is for them. And chances are, they'll be the first with a commander too.

So how do you guys equip your guardsmen anyway? Cheap and cheerful? Extra heavy weapons? What special weapons work best? So far, my forces have two grenade launchers and two flamers. I don't like the idea of guard in melee range, but that flamer would make a huge difference for them. I'm definately going to convert up more grenade launchers though.. I have a feeling they'll be the main go-to weapon as I find the other weapons are either unreliable or have crap for range.

Oh, and I changed the comments setting, I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm getting a whole ton of spam messages.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am bad at this..

I love the internet. I do. I am just horrible at updating things cause there's always so much to see and do. I resolve to try and fix this.

My legions have grown dust. That will not stand.
My Ultramarines are shelved, my Lamenters dissolved.
The Enclave and Spectrum shall be my focus for this blog.


++Introduction: Spectrum++

The Imperium is a vast place, and is at near constant strife. Many soldiers that go to war never come back, though not all die. Sometimes they are destined to never see their homeland again. This is a tale of those soldiers.

Following the Third War of Armageddon, many Imperial Guard regiments were shattered and left leaderless. With a whole world to rebuild, many were simply reforged. Different forces from different worlds were banded together under inexperienced leaders, then quickly shooed off to other worlds, to sort out their own problems by themselves.

Spectrum is one such group. Comprised of three very different forces, their leader, an officer known as Colonel White, was selected to bring them back up to Imperial standards.

The army, such as it was, was sent to a large, but fairly unimportant agri-world. Not having many resources of use, they made do with what they had, and chose to make the best of their differences instead of trying to conform to one style which might be exploited.

++The Red Faction++
From one of the various hiveworlds came the Red Faction, a former gang. They were conscripted into the war after the Adeptus Arbites raided their territory and offered them the choice of certain death, or five years service and then freedom. The gang chose their only path to freedom.

After resocialization, the gang was mostly converted to an acceptable standard, however, some of the guardsmen reverted to their old ways during the battle for Armageddon, and have since desecrated their uniforms and have added improvised gear.

The majority of the Red Faction favours the same fast and brutal style of their old gang warfare, and it is not uncommon to see many using the older autoguns, stubbers, and shotguns, looted from their foes.

++The Blue Shield++
A very different unit, the Blue Shield, as they are known, were a former mercenary company who fought for credits in the war. Well trained and disciplined, they sport many non-standard add-ons to the standard guardsmen kit. Trenchcoats are almost standard uniform for them, and each man carries more than twice the standard equipment loadout. Clearly time in their mercenary profession has given them access to resources as well as experience.

The Blue Shield tactics are to dig in deep, and to bombard the enemy with disciplined lazgun fire, while their autocannon units tear apart whats left.

++The 39th Lancers++
Perhaps the most codex of the three forces, the 39th Lancers are a light infantry company, relatively green from their service as Planetary Defense Forces, their composition favours being adaptable. What they lack in a dedicated role (e.g. assault, defense, bombardment) they make up for in their ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible. During the war of Armageddon, the 39th held a town center for 36 hours of near constant fighting. This earned them the Black Spade honour marking that adorns their vehicles.


Not bad for a start right? ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anyone online right now?

Seriously bored tonight. I should go sleep or whatever, but I decided that since I spent two hours figuring out how to broadcast me drawing stuff online, I figure I'll do that.

It's not space marines stuff, it's my anime/manga stuff.

If your interested, it's here:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stuff and titans.

Okay, so after waiting for months, I finally got some stuff in.

Project Primarch now has about 3/4ths of all the models needed. I should ideally get the rest by next weekend, but I've said that before.. Still waiting for Alpharius, Omegon, Vulkan, Mortarion, and maybe one more? I forget.

Got the plasma guns. The two command squads will get kitted up with them soon. Kinda a shame that I probably won't be using the command squads because of this fun idea with the honour guards.. Oh well. For smaller games they shall be my fluffy indulgence.

I got an Iron Warriors Warsmith/Iron Father/whatever they are calling him now. I'm going to use him as a Chronus standin (I hate the model for Chronus, dunno why) and frankly, the model is awesome. There's a picture of him on the GW site and it doesn't do it justice. Hopefully my paintjob will. He'll be hailing from the Silver Skulls chapter, as I already have an Iron Warriors marine in my Enclave.

Anywho, I was rereading Imperial Armour 3, and after slogging my way through so many typos and grammatical errors, I ended up reading the entry for the Warhound titan. So, I know at least one of my readers will like this next bit (hey Gotthammer!)

I personally find the Warhound to be kind of silly, but I do like it's weapons. Near as I can tell, this is how they break down in terms of gaming..

Turbo lazer: You can take up to 3 on each arm. It has the longest range (72") the highest strength, and it's the only one with Barrage. This would be my choice for a titan if I were to get one.

Plasma blastgun: With that name, you'd hope for more. This might be the lowest scoring weapon for me. Decent strength, ordinance, and titan killer, yes. But.. I dunno. I just don't like plasma. It looks cool, but never seems to get the job done for me.. This would be my third best choice.

Inferno gun: Okay, now we're onto something interesting. One of the two shortest ranges, yes, but against swarming armies this thing would be fairly devastating. No cover saves, you have to attack the most you can. It's got some good potential there. Second best choice.

Vulcan mega bolter: Again, a fancy name and not much else. Ten shots, rending, if you roll a 6 they die, but really.. Titans aren't for anti infantry. If they are, you want to hit more than 10 dudes, cause the law of the dice says your only getting like two 6's. If your fighting against space marines, then they'll probably shrug off the rest of those wounds. Might be good for taking down vehicles, but I'd use the turbo lazers for that instead.. I think this one isn't worth considering.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heavy twin linked update

Some people are pros when it comes to uploading pictures on here. They'll practically collage them. I have no idea how to do that, so hopefully you'll enjoy these despite the crappy formatting.

Leman Russ, Night Haunter, Magnus the Red, Fulgrim, Coloured (mostly) Fulgrim, and the wasteland pattern vindicator. I hope to have the basilisk/vindicator done soon, so I can get it painted up already.

Apologies, I guess

Hey. I feel I should probably apologize to you watchers. I said I was going to update last time, and then promptly forgot. Well, less forgot, more that I got utterly overwhelmed with work.

So here's the score. I'm going to update this thing in about 2 hours. And I don't just mean a little update. I mean, an 'oops I dinged your car, let me buy you a new one' kind of update. You'll be getting your money's worth. Given that you pay nothing anyway, that kinda means you'll get even more? I guess. I dunno.

So, other than working myself to death, what's been going on?
Started my honour guard squads. My Enclave is going to be using the Marnus Calgar rules for it's chapter master, which means 3 honour guard squads (and eventually 3 rhinos or something..) I already had one, made up of 9 Dark Elf executioners. These will be done up to look like Adeptus Custodes. So what does that leave for the other 21 models?


More specifically, project primarch. If your on the B&C, you might have seen this thread pop up about a week or two ago:

I'm going to make a model of each of the 21 primarchs, and a portrait of each.

I've also entered the model/portrait of Fulgrim into the LPC (librarium painting challenge) on the B&C also, so that will be the first primarch that will be fully finished.

Let's see, I also have one of the basilisks (they'll be used as vindicators) nearly done modelling. I've been mostly ignoring it. I also got a valkyrie. I apparently got the transport one by mistake.. I meant to get the one with the lazcannons so I could use it as a predator. I can still do that, it's just trickier now. I'd have to make a fancy base.

So, yes, update in about 2 hours. See you around 930.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update this week.

Restructured the hell out of my Enclave army. Again. But this time it's for good. (until the next time)

I'll upload a full army list a little later this week, as well as the second tactical squad. I'm waiting on two orders of plasma guns to finish the basic models of my command squads, so if I'm lucky I'll get those this weekend. If not, then they'll have to sit on the metaphorical shelf until I can.

Blah. One of the major problems going from 4th edition to 5th is that my entire troops section is geared towards what was a winning combo in 4th. Troops with close combat weapons, devistators with missile launchers. Now most of my squads either have an extra flamer, or missile launcher (I've decided to move away from devistators for this army) and I have a collection of chainswords to turn into bolters. That's not getting done anytime soon.

Speaking of things not getting done soon; the Enclave poster. My Enclave army is somewhere around 110 models. So far I've drawn about 7 of them.

On top of that, I now have an idea to make another poster after that. Clearly, I have high goals with about a zero possibility of getting done this year.

At least the Enclave army is pretty much done. Oh, sure, I need to still convert a couple of them, finish off the command squads and give an update to all of the tactical squads, but generally, it's done.

Now back to all the crap I have to get done today..