Sunday, August 22, 2010

Went shopping (reinforcements inbound)

The next update I bring you will have pictures. This one is just a bunch of blahblahwordstuff.

So, I went out to my not-at-all local gaming store yesterday and got the Cadian battlebox to expand my army. I honestly thought there was more stuff in it. I mean, don't get me wrong, the stuff in it is cool, but not enough to make a playable army with.. Well, maybe if you really really lowballed things..

Anyway. Also picked up a Chimera. Didn't know they raised the price.. Should have picked up some back when they were only 35$ instead of the 42$ they are now. Yeah, I know, seven dollars shouldn't break the bank, but ideally I'll have somewhere in the region of 15 of them eventually. Hoping to make this a mechanized guard army, after all.

So far, my Blue Shields are getting all the love. The Sentinel, which will be the focus of the next update was for them, the Chimera is for them. And chances are, they'll be the first with a commander too.

So how do you guys equip your guardsmen anyway? Cheap and cheerful? Extra heavy weapons? What special weapons work best? So far, my forces have two grenade launchers and two flamers. I don't like the idea of guard in melee range, but that flamer would make a huge difference for them. I'm definately going to convert up more grenade launchers though.. I have a feeling they'll be the main go-to weapon as I find the other weapons are either unreliable or have crap for range.

Oh, and I changed the comments setting, I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm getting a whole ton of spam messages.


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