Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update this week.

Restructured the hell out of my Enclave army. Again. But this time it's for good. (until the next time)

I'll upload a full army list a little later this week, as well as the second tactical squad. I'm waiting on two orders of plasma guns to finish the basic models of my command squads, so if I'm lucky I'll get those this weekend. If not, then they'll have to sit on the metaphorical shelf until I can.

Blah. One of the major problems going from 4th edition to 5th is that my entire troops section is geared towards what was a winning combo in 4th. Troops with close combat weapons, devistators with missile launchers. Now most of my squads either have an extra flamer, or missile launcher (I've decided to move away from devistators for this army) and I have a collection of chainswords to turn into bolters. That's not getting done anytime soon.

Speaking of things not getting done soon; the Enclave poster. My Enclave army is somewhere around 110 models. So far I've drawn about 7 of them.

On top of that, I now have an idea to make another poster after that. Clearly, I have high goals with about a zero possibility of getting done this year.

At least the Enclave army is pretty much done. Oh, sure, I need to still convert a couple of them, finish off the command squads and give an update to all of the tactical squads, but generally, it's done.

Now back to all the crap I have to get done today..

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