Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Army list #1: Enclave

These aren't finalized by any standard, but I have four armies, and I don't believe I have posted any army lists for them yet. Not including the Enclave tournament list, which is significantly different than the army at the moment. That said, here we go.

Hq 1: Chapter master (artificier armour,
(Honour guard squad? Maybe. I'll think about it. If there were some nice enough models..)
Hq 2: Captain (with bolter and auxiliary grenade launcher)
Command squad (5 plasma guns, razorback with heavy flamers)

Elites 1: Tactical terminator squad (10 man, 2 heavy flamers)*
Elites 2: Venerable dreadnaught with twin linked autocannon arms
Elites 3: Legion of the Damned squad (10 man)

Fast Attack 1: Land speeder storm**
Fast Attack 2: Land speeder typoon squad (3 landspeeders with heavy bolters and typhoon missile launchers
Fast Attack 3: Bike squad (8 bikes, 2 flamers, attack bike with multi melta)***

Heavy support 1: Vindicator (hunter killer missile, might convert the big dozer blade)
Heavy support 2: Vindicator (hunter killer missile, might convert the big dozer blade)
Heavy support 3: (Maybe a devistator squad? The Enclave could use some plasma cannons. Or lazcannons, but using the models for plasma cannons.)

Troops 1: Shotgun scouts (10 man squad, razorback with heavy bolters)
Troops 2: Sniper scouts (10 man squad, razorback with lazcannons, Telion, missile launcher)
Troops 3: Bolter scouts (10 man squad, razorback with heavy bolters)****
Troops 4: Tactical squad (10 man, razorback with lazcannons, flamer, missile launcher)
Troops 5: Tactical squad (10 man, razorback with lazcannons, flamer, missile launcher)
Troops 6: Tactical squad (10 man, razorback with lazcannons, flamer, missile launcher

*In the codex, it sounds like you get a free (i.e. no heavy support choice slot taken) land raider for one terminator squad? Can anyone confirm this?
** Proxy model, armoured truck, much less silly.
*** Bikes are actually going to be armoured jeeps, reasons explained in fluff.
**** Might make it be another tactical squad instead. I dunno.

Might not be the most flexible design, but how do you think it'd hold up? Opinions appreciated :)

Now back to making this poster..


  1. You can indeed get a Land Raider as a dedicated transport for the first tactical and assault terminators squads. So you can theoretically get 5 Land Raiders in a list - 3 HS slots, a Tac Termie transport and a Assault Termie transport.

    Your lists looks pretty solid, though for your note of ***, scouts can't take Razors so a Tac squad may be beneficial. Only weakness I can really see is that AV14 could be a problem outside of assaulting with Terminators or your Razor's Lascannons (which are vulnerable to being shaken). The Multi Melta in the bike squad is probelmatic as anything it shoots at is not good to shoot flamers at and vice versa.

    However it is quite similar to my list - just add in a couple of meltaguns and swap most of the scouts for marines and you're done. I think this list would do well against hordes and mid strength armies, but against heavily armoured foes like Mechanised Guard or Deathwing it may have a tougher time (though not be useless).

  2. You know, your right, it looks like scouts can't take dedicated transports at all.. Though, it doesn't say you can't just buy extra transports and attach a squad to them right?

    The bike squad, and indeed, pretty much all of my squads, are going to use the combat squad rule, so that they can spread out more.

    I don't have any extra meltas, indeed, about a third of this army list does not currently exist at all. I was thinking of the lazcannon (or plasma cannon) devistator squad for taking down heavier stuff.